Mouthwatering Vegan BBQ Chicken Dish

The flavors of this vegan Caribbean BBQ chicken leave you wanting more. This dish is the real deal.

You’ll be transported to the Caribbean with the bold, flavorful blend of herbs and spices used to create this plant-based alternative. This BBQ chicken is inspired by an authentic Jamaican dish and uses mushrooms as its base. It’s served with a side of your choice—typically rice and salad, but you can opt for whatever side you want!

This is one of our community favorites and we offer it for takeout or delivery.

Have this meal delivered to you within the Elmont, NY area. We offer delivery to Valleysetream, Franklin Square, Queens Village, Floral Park, Malvern, and more.

It’s time to get your taste buds on a Caribbean BBQ chicken dish that is out of this world.

Order today.